Here are the most important facts:

  • The sponsorship for one child costs 120 €. If you want to you can pay for it in instalments (10 € per month).
  • We promise to finance a special child in his or her home with your donations and to give you some information about that child.
  • Sponsorship doesn’t mean adoption. It finishes with the child’s final certificate from educational establishment (after 10 years of school).
  • In order to guarantee a social security we ask the sponsors to pay the money for at least five years. Of course we are also pleased about a unique donation. At the end of the year receipts will be written automatically.
  • If you want to you can also sponsor a child’s complete education. It costs
    1.200 €. We are very thankful for that, too.
  • For unforeseen reasons you can finish your sponsorship. In this case, please inform us.
  • We are responsible for the donations that are given in Germany and guarantee their rightful use in India.
  • All of us are working on a voluntary basis. There are no personnel costs or costs for management. Therefore, the money is used only for the children.

Priest Father Allam doesn’t only look after his parish but, as it is usual in India, takes care of the poor people in his district.
As he is really concerned about the children, he started a social network that is financed by the sponsorships. Consequently he can give the children a chance for a better future because education is their chance.
The families are very poor. They only have the basic needs to survive. Money for medical care and for school is missing. They often live too far away from school; there are no possibilities for them to drive to school. Many parents don’t see education as necessary and they need their children for the work in the fields, therefore it is hard work to convince them.
As the sponsorship makes it possible, many children were brought to homes (with their parents’ agreement) where they are taken care of. Some of them visit state schools, others visit schools built by us. We sponsor seven homes and a school with more than 1.200 pupils.